My Photography

Hi! I’m an Italian professional photographer based in Venice.


I like to define myself as a hunter of emotions, a quiet storyteller, a spontaneity defender and a baker of sweet memories.


At least, That’s how I feel every time I pick up my camera. I start early to watch the world from the lens and I immediately understood that nothing gave me as much satisfaction as capturing a young couple ready to live their love, their first kiss as husband and wife, or the innocent look of a newborn ready to explore the world.


I try to “write”a story with every picture I take, a story that can be read and told forever. Photography is about emotions, not only images, and that is what I love the most about my work.


In my photo coverages I always put spontaneity first along with a good amount of aesthetic attention to please both heart and eyes.

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Nicola Da Lio



Via Frassinelli 156B

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